We want to spread the true Japanese culinary art. In this way, we want to contribute to the growth of a quality food culture all over the world.


Japan is a particularly prosperous island. Thanks to the sea that surrounds its coasts and to the hinterland rich in different landscapes, it offers a great variety of fish, fruits and vegetables. The quality of these products is transferred to the ingredients, therefore to the taste of our menus thanks to a careful care, selection and conservation of the dishes. This is why in our every creation you will find the authentic soul of Japan.


To try the Warai dishes means tasting the real Japanese cuisine, from the charm of the most traditional flavours to the latest gastronomic trends, and among our specialities you will find not only the famous sushi, but many other original creations, including side dished, snacks and drinks. In addition, with the Warai products you can create the genuine and original Japanase cuisine at your home. And, if you want to experience first hand the culinary art of the land of the rising sun, do not miss our workshops and cooking shows!


In our Warai corners you can find authentic Japanese products, giving the possibility to create the genuine and original Japanese cuisine at your home. Choosing the ingredients offered by Warai means offering your friends a real experience of Japanese taste.